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The title of this chapter refers to two different aspects that can be treated here. One aspect is related to the interaction of the Nova Terra Society with the people that are not yet Participants in this project. The other aspect is the transition of the planetary society towards a Nova Terra Society.

Inside NOVA TERRA Project, communities are first to occur, established only by interaction of Participants that ale already in. They begin to function on their own new paradigm. Many other Participants come in, following the successful example of the "already in" ones, who are living by and cherish the principles of Nova Terra Society. This stage is the base for a smooth transition process towards a planetary Nova Terra Society.

There is something very important to be specified here: if you imagine something like a hardly defended place surrounded by a fence you are totally wrong. Nova Terra Society can be spread everywhere because it is formed by their own Participants that can also be spread everywhere around the globe. Everything depends only on your freely chosen level of Zone interaction at individual level. You - as Participant in NOVA TERRA Project - decide for yourself by free sovereign will, at some specific moment, at what level you need to interact with others Participants and for what specific reason.

At first, inside the "communities", everybody will do whatever is possible to interact freely without money. Don´t let yourself mislead by the terms cashless and moneyless - they are different terms. The financial related principle of NOVA TERRA Project is that Participants in NTP are freely sharing together their resources for the benefit of the Participants.

NTP Participants can do this incredible thing because they speak the same language and all Participants are living the same frequency of life based on the principles presented in the previous chapters. But there are also interactions with the "outside" world, with those that are not Participants in Nova Terra Society. Those interactions can have either a money exachange for value form or barter form. Nova Terra Society has it´s main purpose to first and foremost function through freely sharing by free will of Participants. If at first seems impossible, please, keep reading and get the whole picture, as it is a completely new paradigm, and maybe the light lits up on your path too.

There are many factors involved, that were hardly and deeply debated along many years, about "what" and "how" and "why not". You can call this whatever you wish but better not to fall in the pit of mind programming that created very strong visual patterns and fears directly connected to some specific key words. Open your mind and let it come to you. It might be what you are looking for, for a life time.

If you ever felt a big pleasure playing Monopoly and felt good when you left all other players "in underware", here is a totally new game for you to master, the tactics and real time strategy of collaboration and giving a good decent living for all the players. Start by making available something from you. A freely shared resource. An old mobile. A sand bag. Whatever. Maybe somebody really needs it. Include your C.V. as an Available Resource - Human Individual. Prove yourself that you can play NOVA TERRA Project.

Related to the planetary society, yes, money will disappear. Is not that somebody knows when - even if it is possible to happen sooner than later - but it is sure it’ll happen. Who ever needs reasons for "why it is so" can do some research to build the big picture for him or herself and come back. From this point on, all explanations are directed to people that already understood why money are the brake in the path of progress and in the path of the free will expressed through a sovereign life, full of prosperity for all beings. It is a huge list.

The moment A is when almost everybody is obligated to use money. Even if you do not agree with that, people are obligated and forced to use money. This system of energy exchange, the way it is, functioned for way to much time and proved in so many occasions not to be at best interest for the living planet. Those that are not obligated to use money are those who control the money.

The moment B is when the concept of money and its use will be long forgotten.

This switch between state A and state B can NOT happen over night. You can not delete a system that almost everybody depends on, because a system halt condition would be created. Imagine you delete the instruction core set from your computer (operating system) and then you expect your computer to still run next time you turn it on. It won’t. It will do nothing. So you cannot simply delete a system around which the whole world revolved for so long. Well, too long and very detrimental.

Between state A and state B there is a transition process in 3 phases.
1. In phase 1 people try to fight against the existing system - which is useless. They realize is futile because is very well planned and applied by the powers that are and everything is very well controlled and fixed firmly into the minds of the people. We already passed this one.
In this phase, other people try to stop the existing system which is also futile. Those keeping it functional simply do not allow for this to happen and they have the money printing machines with which they can control further away any situation.
When this becomes clear for the most, people try to find something better to substitute the existing system because they realized that the actual financial system has plenty downsides and almost no upside. And this is where we are today. There are some versions of when and how to make it happen but yet unclear.

Two questions arise here:
- If one person and only one have a money printing machine and nobody else, is this correct or equitable?
- If everybody has a money printing machine without exception, is this correct or equitable?
Truth is this system is designed to be controlled by just a few or else it doesn’t seem to work at all. It needs a controller and it needs everybody else to be at a specific level in the pyramid structure of power as a servant slave of the few controllers on the top.

In order to be an equitable exchange for value system, the only way there is, is to be done by free sovereign will of the parts involved. There is no other option. No intruders, no intermediaries, no taxes, no debt. Think that same goods or same services can have totally different exchange values depending on parties involved or the Zone where the demand and offer occurs.

In the existing financial system, with all currencies and financial mechanisms at the merci of the rulers that hide deep in plain sight any real exchange for value transaction, it is easy to understand that all types of distorting, diverting, steering and attempts to fake or steal market outcomes is imminent and obvious.

This is how it can be explained the news that appeared internationally that 1% of the people will hold 99% of the world wealth while the rest will share only 1% of the total wealth. Do YOU agree to live in those conditions "foreseen" by the "Public Omissive Media"?

2. In phase 2 the vast majority of people around the globe understood that we are all sharing the same house: Planet Terra, and we are all responsible for how we manage Resources and the Living Together under the same roof.

In this transition phase 2 everybody is looking towards information exchange about all possible new ways of implementing a fair exchange for value system. What the controllers of the mind prison are doing all the time is applying old loop models adapted at the new conditions. They are maintaining us in closed loops with the appearance of evolution due to the adaptation of those loops at the new conditions. The tricks they are using are always the same: power, fame, force, domination, control, division, diversion, lye, trick, omission, hierarchy, stratification, compartmentalisation, secrecy.

It is our time to break up with the repeating history and start create our completely new free sovereign will path. Something that was never done before. Something that prediction models of the controllers never had in their plans to counteract. This doesn´t mean demolition or destruction. This means a completely new way of thinking about our own future. A change of the mind´s patterns into open thinking without limitations. This way we can repurpose and remodel what we already have. It´s just our own thinking that needs to adapt to this completely new path. Solutions arise from all places around the globe and are implemented here and there, and maybe even through trial and error mechanism these solutions start to root in or be discarded from people’s lives. This is where NOVA TERRA Project situates itself as a possible solution.

Before living completely moneyless there is the stage where money still exists but all downsides of the system were eliminated and created a fair, transparent and equitable way of using money as an exchange for value unit. It is somehow obvious that a unique world currency could be a good option. But BEWARE of this possibility of global currency because the existing system controllers could have it easy put to take total control over the total population of the planet through this principal mean of slavery, domination and control if they are left to do this. But this stage might be the phase, so long waited by many, that is called the re-set. We need to think at the possibility that even better than this can be moneyless and so we take off of our heads many problems.

Once everything is running smoothly, with an equitable money system, people will start to integrate and to root equity and transparency principles in their lives and prepare themselves to be Participants and to join those "already in" a moneyless life on Nova Terra. They will begin to migrate from money driven society towards Nova Terra Society and this is when we can consider the phase 2 as finalized.

3. In transition phase 3 people are feeling comfortable and the new exchange for value system is rooted into the very existence of the Nova Terra life. The new exchange for value system is called "free sharing". Many are declaring that this is what they feel it is equitable and right and helps the moving forward of the planet towards freedom of creation, real evolution and free will co-existence of all living beings. When the majority declares this by free will then we are in state B - money concept long forgotten, everybody takes the new exchange for value system as obvious even if - just for a while before - nobody believed it was possible.

It is the time when many Nova Terra like societies are flourishing everywhere on the planet and are freely sharing any concept, any discovery, any knowledge, any technology, health and education, culture, places, facilities, for the real good life of all. Everything starts with small steps and after actions and wisdom contribute to gather the proofs of success, it expands. No brakes.


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