NOVA TERRA Project - Simple formulas and principles

After the chapter NOVA TERRA Project - General Overview some more details can be explained. Below it is explained the significance of the icons presented in the previous flow chart:

1. Individual Necessity
2. Zone (collective) Necessity
3. Terra Resources - Raw materials and terrains
4. Terra Resources - Processed materials and assets
5. Available Human Resource - Individual
6. Available Human Resource - Team
7. Candidate - Solution Provider for Individual Necessity
8. Candidate - Solution Provider for Zone (collective) Necessity
9. Project running for Individual Necessity
10. Project running for Zone Necessity
11. Happy People :)

As you can see, at any moment, from the happy people group, any individual can find itself in any other position and the cycle starts again, perpetually.

Among all others principles already exposed in the previous chapter, there is one that can be declared as principal: For an overall good and for everybody to have a decent living we only need two things: Resources and Resources. No it´s not a mistake. One side of the Resources is what Mother Terra already has to offer to all of us and the other side of the Resources is US, You, Me, every Living Being on this planet. Yes that´s all we need.

The simplest formula to visualise how those two Resources can interact in a Nova Terra Society would look like this:

As you can see in the flowchart above, Terra available raw materials cannot transform themselves into processed materials nor assets. Only human action can transform Resources into things we need. It is time for us to focus this energy directly to our benefit without any leeches as intermediaries.

Below is another expression in a more detailed level of interaction:
Necessity -> Resources -> Solution -> Happiness

Another formula even more detailed looks like this:
Participants -> Candidate -> Solution -> Public vote -> Representative -> Project

Finally here is the complete formula that shows the dynamic of the process of "doing things" in Nova Terra Society:
Participants -> Necessities -> Resources ->
Candidates -> Solutions -> Public vote ->
Representatives -> Projects -> Happy People

The elites tried hard to implant in our beliefs they are the gold and we are the dust. They succeeded. This was done in secrecy and well planned, during many years. Behind that secrecy they developed many black projects and with the help of technology and media they builded around our minds thick mental walls of imposed rules and limitations that most of the people today take them as granted, obvious and as "this is how life is". The Debt system and the impossibility to pay that debt created the financial slavery system that we, all, are living in, like in a prison without physical walls. It´s a mind´s prison only, a construct that acts through robotized behavior and closed loop thinking reinforced through every movie you look, every advertising you watch, every language pattern you hear, every news that you read. If you try to get out you meet every day with people that indirectly or directly tell you "you are not normal". Anything outside robotic behavior and closed loop thinking is declared by the "normal society" as "not normal" and you are pushed away or discarded. The real deal is that outside the range of Common Law or Universal Law, everything else creates and reinforce the slavery system and the mind prison of debt and limitation through imposed rules behavior patterns through trickery.

The question here is: Is this kind of life YOU really need? Does this life make you feel really happy? What if the real truth is that YOU are the Real Gold? Yes, it is so! YOU are the real gold because actually YOU DO THINGS. Maybe in this point you ask yourself: What can I do? The real power comes from big numbers and big numbers are coming from unity. Even if this is true, the mind prison seeded in our mentality all kinds of tricky ideas that are "normal" for our society - with the only goal to have as many as possible reasons to divide us. To separate us and to place us in as many different cults and ideologies and currents as possible. And this is how they transformed us in "individualists". So now we have no idea of how to unite because we live in a multiple maze of division criterias of all types. The specific answer to the question "What can I do?" is for YOU to find it. And NOVA TERRA Project comes with the structure for you to choose your answer and to decide if you need to come back into unite and to drop all mind inoculated division criterias.

With these well understood formulas from above there are a few statements that become obvious if you got it:
- In Nova Terra everything is done based on Resources and Resources, by Sovereign Free Will and with the Best Intention at Heart for Everybody.
- In Nova Terra everything is transparent and at sight, secretless: research, discoveries, inventions, technology, health, healing, medicine, defense, debates, decisions, bailouts are all globally and freely shared.
- In Nova Terra any subject is debatable and commentable - obviously without any psychic or verbal harm nor violence - and with full respect for LIFE and Sovereign Free Will of everybody. The only goal in anything that is freely debated and commented is to find a real Solution and to have a Necessity less.


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