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In Nova Terra Project (NTP) there are some situations that involve a Voting Process.

This Voting Process is directly related to an Approval Period of a certain Product. Not all Products involve an Approval Period Voting Process.

Further on are described the situations that trigger a Voting Process for Approval Period.
One of the situations is when a Participant decides to form a Human Team as Available Resource. That person will be the Product Creator. The Product Creator will refer first own Human Individual Available Resource (Product) and will need to refer at least one more of the same type (existing) to create a Human Team. There is no limit for how many Participants can be added to a Human Team, but a Participants belongs to only One Human Team at a time.

After the creation of the Product called Available Resource Human Team, all Participants that are referred in that Product will receive an Alert Message to announce them they are included in a Human Team Resource. For that Human Team to be valid and to be actually used in a Solution and/or a Project, that Human Team needs to be validated inside an Approval Period of time. That means ALL Participants referred in that team, without exception, must give their vote to approve the team and declare it valid and approved. And this needs to be done inside the time-frame of the Approval Period.
When all Participants, members of that team gave their consent to be actually part of that team, through their own Vote, that Human Team Resource is Approved and therefore declared as Available. It will change status accordingly.
If even one of the Participants doesn´t freely consent to Vote for own referral, that Product is considered Expired and Unavailable. If this occurs, the Product Creator can Reactivate the product for another time-frame of Approval Period, or delete the Product. The Product Creator can also delete or add Participants inside the Human Team Product during the Approval Period.

Another situation when the Voting Process is involved is when Solutions are presented by different Participants to a specific Necessity. Those Participants offering Solutions have the quality of Candidates.

The same as with the Human Team, any Solution is another type of Product that involves the Voting Process and has an Approval Period to be Voted and transformed into a Project. Only one Solution wins the Voting Process (or none) and changes status into Project. The provider of the winning Solution has the quality of Representative leading a Project.

In this case any participant related to the Zone of the Necessity can vote for any Solution provided related to that Necessity.

Another situation that involves Voting Process is when a Participant creates the Product called Zone Necessity (or collective necessity). A Zone Necessity needs to be approved by a certain number of Participants before to be considered actually a Zone Necessity. When it is created, it enters an Approval Period for Participants to Vote for it if they consider that Necessity is actually needed for their Zone.

If the specific number of Votes isn´t reached, that Zone Necessity is Expired and the Creator can either Reactivate it for another Approval Time or delete it.

The number of votes is calculated through arithmetic mean from the population of a Zone level. Of course, for a city there are needed less Participants to Vote for a Zone Necessity than for a region.

At the beginning of the movement of NTP the Approval Periods will be longer as for example to approve a Human Team - 14 days, for a Zone Necessity - 30 days and for a Solution to Project - 60 days. As long as the movement grows and people understand the simple functioning and participate in mass to develop their own communities in this manner the Approval Periods will be shortened.

Think that is better for everybody not to rush into Voting on everything.
Better first take a good look on the description of the Product you want to put your vote on. Look for any external references or links. Make sure you read them and understand them in terms of effect and implications for your future life. When in doubt, ask your question through a message directed to the Creator of that Product. It is supposed any Product Creator is aware and know it is needed to answer ASAP all questions or else it might not receive Votes. Generally speaking the questions will be answered. Only after having a clear overall view over that Product think twice if you give your Vote to or maybe search for other similar or better options.


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