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The structure that is present on Nova Terra and through which action takes place is formed by representation organisms that are called "Representation Chambers". These Chambers are not an infrastructure of buildings and are neither political power structures. These Chambers are formed by people with specific functions at various levels of interaction. A nation or country or region has only a geographical meaning because in Nova Terra Society we all are The People of Terra - The Terrans. Representative Chambers are structured EVERYWHERE in the WORLD in numbered Chambers. Only to avoid any misunderstandings at international level and to be clear understood by anybody from anywhere on the planet, the numbers are correspondents and are the same on every level of geographical Zone:

1. Representative Chamber of Health, Education, Wealth and Culture (might seem 4 separate domains but this is what we all begin with as beings, a healthy education. In this chamber are included also what are known as prisons. This chamber includes the physical, mental, spiritual, and educational health which overall is society´s health, a society formed with Healthy Beings)
2. Representative Chamber of Economics and Statistics (collecting, synchronizing and managing data from all domains)
3. Representative Chamber of Working Force and Distribution (collecting, managing and synchronizing data about Human Resources)
4. Representative Chamber of Nature, Ecology and Ambient Ecosystems (collecting, managing and synchronizing data about Terra Resources and exploiation of raw materials. Includes agriculture, forests, animal and plants growing, hunting, fishing and tourism)
5. Representative Chamber of Research, Science, Energy and Technology (collecting, managing and synchronizing data about Necessities, Terra´s Resources, raw materials, physical implementing of data systems and management of those)
6. Representative Chamber of Defense Instruments. (citizen defense, local order, Universal Law Courts with and for THE BENEFIT OF PEOPLE as one aspect + Zone Defense, International Ambassadors and Galactic Intelligence as another aspect of it).

- In Nova Terra Society the numbers are NOT representing an hierarchy. They are just international identification numbers so wherever you go, seeing those numbers you know what Chamber you deal with. All Chambers are at the same and only one level: representantion of a specific number of people for whom they are solving Necessities, find Solutions and run Projects voted by The People of a Zone.

- The order of numbering is somehow logic but NO Chamber has any superiority over other or vice-versa. All Chambers are interdependent and working together at the same ONE level FOR THE PEOPLE and everybody fulfils a function according to the Necessities of anybody on the planet organized as Nova Terra Society.

- The Representatives are, in fact, ideas-information-solution carriers. They debate at Zone's level, performing the function of the Chamber they belong to. These Representatives are NOT AT ALL like politicians because only after a transparent process they gain this Quality to REPRESENT the people that nominally elected them for a specific purpose and to further solve the Necessity they have. Every Representative is much respected and loved as he fulfils a function - like everybody else does in the Nova Terra Society - and is in joy and happiness to take a Solution to raise it at a Project level with and for the PEOPLE. Every Representative is aware in every second who they represent. They are aware of each and every being they represent - without any doubt - and for what specific and clear task.

- All Chambers are managing information about Necessities and Resources. The main purpose is to work together and drive the informational flow needed to do the necessary activities in order to transform ANY Necessity into a Solution and further into a Project, taking into account the respect for the Planet Terra, for the Human Being and for LIFE in all that is.

- Any idea that might be missing is expected to appear anytime but you have already the planetary structure where you can find for yourself your own liberty of action and living. Even more deeper details can be found in next chapters.


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