NOVA TERRA Project - Candidate or Representative

Basic chapters:
NOVA TERRA Project - General Overview
NOVA TERRA Project - Simple formulas and principles
NOVA TERRA Project - How it works
NOVA TERRA Project - Financial Explanations
NOVA TERRA Project - Functionality

In this article:
Who can be a Candidate
How can you become a Candidate
How can you become a Representative

Who can be a Candidate 

Anybody can be a Candidate. But nobody said it is easy. To be a Candidate you need to put the pieces of the puzzle together and have it complete.

You need to think and make come together both type of Resources - Human and Terra and if needed, have a shelter assured and, of course, food and water. Don't forget neither the means of transportation to be able drive resources at the Project place or to make needed moves around the Project Zone.

Candidates and Representatives are the product of a process that puts together Necessities and Resources and therefore a Candidate or a Representative is a Product of this very process.
Even if you have won through the voting system that doesn´t mean that if you made some mistakes those won´t hunt you during the Project. We all know we are humans and can make mistakes so no big worries on this. Of course it is better to present your Solution to a Necessity up to where you qualification allows. As a Representative you can have the possibility to put a Project "on hold" and correct errors made while your Solution was presented as a Candidate. While on hold, a Project can make new Resource Requests and make changes inside the Human Resources staff. It depends on how you are able to manage those Resources and on what Resources are available to sustain your "on going Project".
CARE HERE !!! Once you become a Representative you will only dedicate to the "on going Project" so almost all other functions and possibilities of interaction on the Nova Terra Project will be locked. Exception will be the Resource Request and the possibility to communicate with various Resource Creators around the Globe.

Of course it would be wonderful for all of us to be able to do everything completely without money. As a conclusion in NOVA TERRA Project currencies are the last to be required as much as possible. Who ever says "it won´t work" it might be wrong. But this is for all people asking "What can I do?" or "How can I help?". Imagine all the people around the planet thinking and doing things together in the same way. Well...? Let´s just make it happen and see if it works. We never really know until we do it. With a joint hearted effort we can improve Nova Terra society permanently. As Nova Terra Community grows the easier will be to find everything as Available Announced Resource, just by the will of Humans to help creating Happiness all over the world and live in a Free New Society.

As a Candidate and/or Representative you know in every moment how many people you represent and every being that voted you knows very well for what purpose they "Necessitate" you to have this Quality.

How can you become a Candidate 

Take a good look at all Available Resources for your Solution. You can propose up to 9 Solutions in the same time. Those 9 Solutions can be either all addressing the same Necessity in different forms or can be provided for different Necessities.

Once you proposed a Solution (which is a Product of a Candidate´s creation), people will take a look at it and see if it fits to what they want or not and think if they will vote for it or not. Being as clear, short and specific as possible in what you propose might very well help people to clearly get the grasp and be able to take the decision to vote for your Solution. If you feel you need more space to develop your idea you can have a blog or a web site anywhere and refer that with a link inside your Solution Description.
You will need to refer Resource Providers and Available Terra Resources by their ID inside the Solution Description. You will need to keep an eye permanently to see if those Available Resources are still available and accepted to transit or not. This process is in permanent dynamics. Think that not only one person needs some Available Resources and not only you can provide Solutions. But again, if you have votes, that means people trust your expertise and you as a Candidate for the Solution you provide for their Necessities. Once you are a Representative you have this quality only to bring happiness to people, no matter how small or big a Necessity is.

How can you become a Representative 

Many Solutions are provided during the Approval Period for a specific Necessity. At the end of this period, if a Solution won during the Voting process, the Candidate proposing the winning Solution will be the Representative for that Necessity and for those People that Announced that Necessity and the Solution raises to the level of Project. A Participant can vote for many Solutions if they desire but not more than 9 (Please read "Nova Terra Project - Voting Process"). It´s a self adjusting process. No matter intentions and interests of individuals things will adjust exactly the way we are. If for a Zone (Collective) Necessity we think in the best interest for all, the best Solution will be chosen to become a Project. If you have only selfish interest and think like "I prefer this Solution because my kids can reach school faster" there might be a situation of No Solution Approved. Yes, this is possible in several situations and there are simple calculations regarding the total number of Votes from Participants, total number of Solutions and majority of Votes. The simplest situation to understand is when at the end of the Approval Period there are two winning Solutions with the same number of votes. In this case the Approval process needs to be restarted from the beginning. Of course those that lost will not provide again their Solutions or though, they will do it with much better performance. It´s real free will life in total liberty and the only ones exerting control are... us.


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