NOVA TERRA Project - Free Migration Point Project

170510 update:
This version is obsolete and greatly improved in a new version.
The version on this page is being kept only for evolution reference.
Please learn about the new version called "Free Migration Place project".

Definition of the field of action
The infrastructure of FMPs
Functionality inside a FMP
Interaction between FMPs
Interaction with people outside of NTP

Definition of the field of action 

"Free Migration Point" is a sub-project of NOVA TERRA Project (NTP) therefore NTP serves as a shell of principles, structure and functionality that allows the existence and birth of Free Migration Point Project. This project can be classified under many of the Chambers from NTP: #33, #34, #35, #441, #448 but the most adequate is #441.

The main goal of Free Migration Point is to provide an open source project for anybody to implement wherever it is considered as appropriate. It can be implemented inside a local community or it can be presented to local councils to be submitted for approval and execution if they consider it is needed. It can be presented to those in local councils or city houses or to mayors as a very good project to support a political campaign and to atract more votes from the voters. In the case it was already presented as a Zone Necessity inside NTP and it reunited many votes, all those persons that voted for the Zone Necessity inside NTP can be as well voters for that political figure in his or hers political campaign for elections.

As the name speaks for itself, this project is meant to ensure a place where people can find accommodation or "bring their accommodation in", in the form of standard container houses and don´t have to pay anything for residing or transiting, neither for the food that is provided for free, nor all other activities performed by the Participants inside that Free Migration Point.

The most probable target for such a project to come into being are the students because they reunite the most of conditions to embrace this project. They can organize themseves very fast and very well and usually have plenty of initiative inside a university so they can request to the rectorship for this project to be put into motion or simply run it on their own. The students everywhere are most entitled to be the firsts beneficiaries due to lack of funds for both accommodation and food during a long study period.

Another very possible target are land owners that consider at some specific moment that they cannot do any other better things than to create one (or many) Free Migration Point(s) on their land. They will have lots of benefits doing this and can also integrate themselves in the whole concept and become Participants.

The base idea from which this project starts is that we all need transportation and mobility on the planet. One of the main aspect of free migration of the workforce is the lack of means for people to fast accommodate in any region of the globe where their services and skills might be useful even if only for a period. If free places are available, the FMPs can very easily become conference nodes to interchange and freely share knowledge or can be used for requalification purposes and even education of any type. Well, practically many, many things can be done in those places once the concept is understood. Only imagination is the limit.

The best way to start this project is actually by giving birth to minimum two Free Migration Points, at some proximity to each other, that can directly interact and interchange life between them. There is no need for big areas to start with because the surfaces can be extended later or mutiplied in other places.

It could be interesting for construction sites to take into account this project and once the construction is finished, one area can remain destinated as a Free Migration Point. Also it is useful for interchanging accomodation between many families that ar migrating back and forth during the year, be it for holidays, cultural interchange or various other group activities, again, many aspects can be covered between Free Migration Points as it is explained further below with the infrastructure of this project that results into its functionality and the practical advantages.

The infrastructure of FMPs 

Begining with just one Free Migration Point, each and every one has the following:
- Residential place - variable size
- Transit place - variable and inter-changing size with the residential place
- Production place
- Energy place
- Data center
- Food processing, goods distribution and cantine.
* Everything beeing called "building" can only be in a standard container, or many, that must be transportable with any already available standard means on the ground, water or air, so to name them: forklifter, crane, truck, train, boat, plain or helicopter. Therefore it needs to fit inside the international weight and sizes cargo standards.
* It might be needed, but is not mandatory, a Parking place.
* The use of containers for all purposes and the named "places", always present in a FMP structure, are representing a constant. The rest of the factors is variable.

The area of extension of a Free Migration Point depends on some factors like the size of the available lot, the needed approvals of the local council and valid local legislation at that date. That´s why many versions of plans are made available to be presented when the group deciding to start this project has been formed. The first factor to be taken into account, once a specific area has been chosen, is the field of activity of the production place and its derived size. Depending on this can be determined the number of resident people that live permanently in the FMP or if they are coming from the surroundings. Depending on this, the total of available places for transit will be made known in the specific international booking web app.

This is what determines the average quantity of food needed and the size of permaculture, aquaponics and/or animal farm size to be present inside that Free Migration Point, workshops or whatever other activity belongs to the Production place. This represents something crucial to support the life inside a Free Migration Point or between many FMPs and is also a gate to interact with the people not pertaining to NTP-FMP project.

There is no free energy. Even if some device is very efficient, even if it runs at overunity or at least for an undefined long period of time, still needs to be produced and some materials need to be used to make it come into being. Energy is a requirement for a decent living inside a FMP. The energy place, as the name states, is where the energy for the FMP is produced and can embrace all types of alternative-green kinds of energy producing forms, depending mainly on the topology of the terrain and the initial contributions but not only. One of the containers can also host a mini power plant consisting of a generator or a power station or storage and charging for the general use and needs of the FMP. Never loose from your attention possibilities like biodigesters, HHO fuel cells and not even some exercise bikes transformed into generators.

The Data center is in charge of manipulating all kinds of data necessary to the minute by minute wonderful life inside a FMP. In the Data center there are always a minimum of two persons from two different buildings and are logged in as official operators with their own NTP account. Any decision taken is the responsability of both of them equally. What happens if they do a mistake? It is enough to say that they messed up for sure with the life of somebody. There is no need for other words to be added.

The food processing and distribution are dedicated to the exact function as the name states. More than this, they are also the gate for exchange with other FMPs and with the people not belonging to FMP nor NTP. The main function is to prepare the meal for the cantine (restaurant). A distribution point can be set up in the form of a small shop taking orders and where other goods produced inside that FMP can be traded with people not belonging to any FMP in the proximity. The cantine is mainly for serving the people inside a FMP but can also function as a restaurant, for people outside that FMP, that are willing to eat healthy from the natural and fresh products produced on the spot and also have a tour to visit how things are running in there.

As an additional explanation, if is still needed to be given, everything is accepted only in the standard shape and weight of containers because of the mobility factor and modularity. These two factors are very important details when speaking about the internal functionality of one FMP and related to transit aspects and interactions between FMPs or the mixed ones. Think of how an empty residential lot can be easily transformed into a stage or a conference place and made available for different activities only due to modularity factor.

For specific solutions regarding the design and space allocation inside a structure of a FMP it will be contacted the Venus Project to offer their already deeply studied solutions. Either way, many versions and configurations will be ready and prepared for anybody to choose from when a group decided to walk this path of this way of living.

Functionality inside a FMP 

When thinking to answer the question "What´s the trick behind these Free Migration Points?" the simple answer comes from two main aspects: one is the need of any human being to freely move around the planet as the necessities and opportunities arise and second is to always find alike minded persons no matter where you go and to accommodate as fast as possible and with maximum of comfort desired. Even better if everything you find there you already know how it works and you can make yourself useful in an instant as you already have all the knowledge of everything that moves in there. How nice is that? Well... there is a problem, still... there is no politics, no police, no legal courts, no bankers, no taxes, no obligation to go to work... Do you think you can handle this situation? Each one of the beings is all of that at once for itself. This is called "self responsibility and the awareness of the common good of all, including yourself". Can you handle this situation? That means you can act in total sovereign free will but you could sometimes forget that everybody else has the same free sovereign will as you. Can you handle this situation? Even after a few beers? Even after a few more? Good then, let´s move on.

It is supposed you already are familiarised with the principles and functionality of the NOVA TERRA Project to go on further. When a Participant arrives in a Free Migration Point can be in two different ways: without owned house or with owned house. Prior to get there, a specific place was booked in the specific web application. The Data center from that FMP is the one that announced all free available places for long stance or transit. The person or persons are in the fastest fashion accommodated. Due to the fact they are already Participants in NTP they already have a Participant account where they can "listen" all internal messages from that specific FMP, or from a Zone that can have many FMPs or from a whole country or even from the whole world, but it could be a bit crowdy to manage between so many messages. Anyway, each and all Participants are aware in every moment of anything happening in that FMP, what tasks are needed, how many persons are, who, from where, how much time they will stay, what their skills are, what cultural activities are going to take place and at what dates, in what FMP, and so on, only having a wi-fi device that directly connects wirelessly with the Data center. Of course... Internet too.

But even if the Internet shuts down (which might be very sad in deed) that FMP still runs in the same way. And many of the good stuff and goodies from Internet might be stored in local drive to be accessed even if no Internet at all. But all this instant knowledge is possible through internal messaging system because once arrived in some FMP, if for the first time, it is required to fill up a form in the Data center with all your free shared skills and therefore what tasks you, as Participant, are able to do, from all activities taking place in every FMP. If is not for the first time, then you already have your data available and you may only want to update something, like new skills you just learned in the FMP where you previously resided. This is required for a bit of planning of the life inside a FMP and inside ANY Free Migration Point. Also, for the same reason and for the minimum efficiency of transportation use, the minimum stance period is two weeks.

Very similar with the concept of the Contributionism provided already by the Ubuntu Movement, every Participant is contributing 5 hours a day for only 5 days his own free will accepted work in the benefit of everybody, including himself. During this time, somebody can also learn just by asisting what somebody else does and so prepare him or herself for the next time to actually do it.

It is also understood and accepted that people living or transiting FMPs know why they don´t wait for somebody else to tell them what to do but are people that say "I´ll do it". Everybody knows and is aware of the fact that those needs are to be solved and not to remain unsolved and this is always for the benefit of all including yourself. There are a few needed tasks, during night time shifts, on the Data center and some surveillance of the greenhouse or the permaculture or the power plant, for data collection and further planning. Anybody in a FMP can freely participate on all and any activity and reside there for free. In the same way, only from free sovereign will, it is clearly understood why those 5 hours a day when needed and for what is needed. All those needs are brought to the knowledge of all through the internal messaging system.

There are some common tasks present in all and any FMP no matter where it is. This is one of the main advantages of this infrastructure. No matter where you go, there are some main common tasks that are similar everywhere. Step by step, anybody gets to know how to do those tasks. Between those tasks can be named: the managing of the applications in the Data center, the care, maintenance, harvest, processing and distribution of food in the Production place (permaculture) and cantine. If there are other activities, such as a replication center, where all kinds of bot-makers are present and serve the FMP or NTP community or people not belonging to those, everybody living there will get to learn those skills and in any other FMP they go they will already know it.

Another very common task could be the surveillance and maintenance of the power plant, charging controllers, battery pack, cleaning the solar panels, changing coils on a wind turbine, manipulating containers, distributing natural grown food for people outside the FMP or between FMPs, performing cultural acts, conferencing, sharing knowledge, doing publicly shared arts, teaching classes for childrens etc.

All these activities, mainly grouped in the Production place, but not only, are free for any NTP-FMP Participant and with a very reduced cost for anybody that is not a Participant in NTP. All these funds are belonging to the community and are used only for spare parts, or anything it is needed and can only be obtained with money. Many FMPs can join their monetary efforts to solve a problem for one of them to, for example, buy a lifter truck for lift and transport of containers between FMPs or coming from outside in. Today one FMP has a truck, after maybe 6 months another FMP has another greenhouse container and after another 6 months another FMP has a new container that does replication works or woodworking jobs. Don´t stop at this level. Think also at a medical analysis laboratory container. Again, only the imagination is the limit. The main thing now is to think for yourself where your place could be in all this. If you don´t find one maybe it´s not your time yet for this.

There are many, many other communities organizing themselves around the globe. Even more, many of those communities have common goals and principles very similar with those defining NTP and FMP therefore common activities shared or intrechanged between these self managing communities and NTP and FMP are welcome. This blueprint model of interaction can be studied, understood and applied between their communities if they desire so. Sometimes it might be needed to be also a Participant in NOVA TERRA Project.

Interaction between FMPs 

The interaction between people residing in different local FMPs is always free of charge. All know they are belonging to the same community and speak the same language. They already know how things are working in one or in all FMPs. They know the principles and understand them and all are contributing freely and willingly for the good of all, including themselves. They all need each other to have a dream made reality with the life they live.

It is also free of charge the exchange of goods needed between the Production places. The delicate situation here is that in order to have a free meal, the incoming persons that are residents in another FMP need to previously announce themselves and be further confirmed for the possibility to have that meal at a desired moment during the day. Otherwise they could even not get a meal at all, not even paid. These situations are much to be taken into account for interchange of teams coming to perform needed tasks in another FMP than the one of their residence. The same applies to any other type of needed exchange - is free shared between FMPs - but confirmations are needed before proceeding to perform the exchange.

Another very important aspect is the funding interchange and helping between any FMPs but usually between same Zone or close proximity, to allow them all to evolve and to develop one by one but in parallel. Those funds, even if they are collected through one FMP, can be used to help others FMPs because they are the same thing. A minimum fund can be maintained in a specific FMP for necessary spare parts of the lifters or for the permaculture, aquaponics, replication centers, or whatever activity is developed in that FMP. But even that fund can be spent for the development of another close proximity FMP if that one can provide the spare parts that might be needed.

Still if for some reasons it becomes visible that a specific FMP cannot function properly, some common decisions might be taken to be closed or moved or reduced in size and the Production place reconsidered, resized, or relocated in another FMP. You can think at these FMPs like to small cities, mobile and modular. But who will take those decisions? Nobody else but the Participants involved in those FMPs, from common free will and understanding that a solution is needed for the better of all and it has no importance in the end who came with that solution. The only important thing is the commonly accepted agreement for a practical solution to be found as fast as possible and as soon as possible applied.

In a few words, any exchange between FMPs is like a free exchange between members of the same united family that are closely collaborating together for the betterment of all. There is no point in having a very developed FMP and the closest one to be very undeveloped. The general aim is to keep them all growing and to improve the life conditions in all of them gradually. This way FMPs can all support each other much better.

Interaction with people outside of FMPs 

There are two aspects to differentiate here. One aspect is the interaction between a FMP and Participants of NTP who are not transiting and are not residing in that specific FMP nor other proximity FMP. Those Participants can freely visit and can freely assist on cultural or scientific activities or conferences taking place inside that specific FMP. Those NTP Participants can also perform needed tasks, only if they are needed and only if there is nobody else inside the FMP to perform those needed tasks. In this case, for that day of contribution, they can have free food or they can ask for some specific product from the Production place to be obtained also freely but only with previous confirmation. Any NTP Participant has access to the messaging system of all FMPs so they can see task requests and if nobody is available from the FMP they can come "from outside" to contribute. This is possible because FMPs are a sub-project of NTP.

The second aspect of interaction is between a FMP and people that are not NTP Participants and therefore cannot be FMP residents. This people can visit a FMP for a charge and can be shown how things are running, only assisted and accompanied by a resident of that FMP that explains and gives details about things, like a guide does. People not belonging to NTP can also assist at any cultural event, any conference or scientific activity for a charge. They can have a meal at the time the meals are served, for a charge. For the persons not belonging to NTP any service or product from the Production place can be available under a charge.

Those persons not belonging to any FMP nor being NTP Participants can never perform no task needed inside the FMP. They can be inside only if accompanied by somebody that knows precisely who that person is who previously was identified with valid documentation and communicated to the Data center. The same is valid for organized groups coming from outside for cultural or scientific events. This can be made possible only by request and with previous confirmation and everything in conformity with the personal ID that is presented for validation at the time of the event.

Some might call all this a "closed organization" or "a mafia" only for this. In reality is very open and transparent. You decide but, after all, it doesn´t really matter how others call it. Is one of the many New Society Organization Projects. But even a FMP needs the Data center to be in function 24/7/365 and, during the night hours, to be inhabited by a minimum of two Participants from that FMP. Surveillance activity is also performed during the night hours.

Everything that is charged from the persons not belonging to FMP is to form a currency fund for any spare parts or goods that that FMP or others FMPs might need in the future or for transportation rental needs or manipulation of containers or merchandise for the case that that FMP doesn´t have the necessary equipment yet.

We need to take into consideration that there is no way that in some place can be produced everything that is needed for a decent living. So there is no such thing as total self sustainability nor sufficiency. Yes, there are many ways of producing energy in a very efficient manner. Yes, many communities can self support themselves in a variety of aspects but never in everything. That is why we all need each other. That is why in FMP communities people interact and exchange anything between in a freely shared manner because they speak the same language and are living the same frequency of life.

Love and Light for all Beings.


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