NTP - Free Migration Place project - Revisited-Updated-Reloaded

Obsolete and dead versus Alive and kicking
The infrastructure of a Free Migration Place 2.0
Functionality inside a Free Migration Place

Obsolete and dead versus Alive and kicking 

"Free Migration Place" (FMP) is a sub-project of NOVA TERRA Project (NTP) therefore NTP serves as a shell of principles, structure and functionality that allows the existence of Free Migration Place project. This project can be classified under many of the Chambers from NTP: #33, #34, #35, #441, #448 but the most adequate is #441.

You can read the old and dead (first) version of this project here. The name of the project changed the word "point" into "place". The old version was kept for reference of the transformation. The main concept of "places" where people can gather and freely develop activities that are on behalf of themselves without interferences from outside is still alive and kept.

But, the very object that the whole project was revolving around - the maritime container - proved to be exactly "the stick in the wheel" that rendered that version dead. At the beginning this was unknown until the moment the concept was declared standing and steps were done to manifest it in reality. Pros and cons aspects started to pop up and the cons were many more than pros.

While the idea of a container house became more and more attractive and even created an architectural current around the globe, as a pro factor, the maritime containers also benefit of an already existing planetary transportation infrastructure. But as a contra argument, even if it is so, it was proved not to be very easy and not at all at the reach of every "average Joe living being" to buy and move close to actual residence such object with ease, to be further worked on for specific needs. So the mobility and/or migration aspect of this project were doomed to be in reality rather static for most of the time and only with great deal of effort, very close to impossible for most of humans, to be "mobile" and "free". This new version solved this issue to a great degree.

Another contra aspect of the first version, the principal barrier to make that happen, was to place a standard container on an agricultural dedicated land. In most areas this is impossible unless an architectural project like for a normal house building is provided, in addition to expensive and time consuming official approvals. In most of situations that was not allowed. So... dead end. In the new version of FMP this issue was resolved.

Remember this picture? At that time it was giving great hopes and lots of joy. For now we will just set this picture as "for later on".

After two years of research and discussing different options, it was sad to realize that this project could be declared dead... Happily, the 180º turn around idea came from an architect that provided the element that would overcome all issues: in order to make this project work, instead of maritime containers, as a base element it was needed something on wheels. Even a maritime container on wheels could be a "go" for a determined period on an agricultural designated land.

But, the "prone to fail" aspect of the old version was still floating in the air around when searching for lands to be acquired for this project. It was needed a minimum surface for a wheeled container to be temporarily set on that land. Another set of approvals were needed to change the designation of that land into something else. On top of that, who would buy the terrain to put it on common share with others without expecting to be considered the "boss" of the situation? As for today, such being with financial resources, having a terrain, put it on common for developing a community project and completely forget about incoming money was not to be found. In the old paradigm it is not possible to find one. So a workaround for this issue was still needed.

The solution came when the concept was studied in a "scale up" and "scale down" manner and is when it was the time to set free the maritime container from the equation but not eliminating them completely. The point was that the maritime container was not mandatory any more, but any movable vehicle could be accepted to make part of this project. That "any type" of vehicle, of course, could be car, van, car or van and a trailer, tiny home including a maritime container... something on wheels. Wheel... such a round word...

Some great advantages shown up and those were also providing the new way of reorganization of the internal structure of a Free Migration Place together with the conditions of the "Free Migration Place Dot" (new term) to make all this work as a smooth spinning wheel. So now we have the Free Migration Place project version 2.0. Familiarise yourself with it and see the big difference.

As the name speaks for itself, this project is meant to provide a "Place" where people can find accommodation or "bring their accommodation in" (Dots) and share personal skills (Individual Resources), activities, food or needed works (Individual or Zone Necessities) between the Participants, on their free will, inside a Free Migration Place.

When possible, this can be done completely On-line through Solution/Project on NTP tool but Free Migration Place project is the "real life" manifestation and the very core engine for the New Paradigm of Nova Terra Project as a real and powerful action in any place of the world.

The infrastructure of a Free Migration Place 2.0 

The infrastructure presented next had to pass through transformations from the obsolete version, to accommodate the real "total mobility" and "free migration" aspects. The NTP concept shell of principles remains untouched and is the one that provides conditions for the Free Migration Place project to manifest in real world its existence.

The initial static infrastructure inside the old Free Migration Point project, that was supposed to exist on a land owned by somebody or by a NGO group, is becoming now totally flexible and fluid and the existence of a Free Migration Place was moved from "almost impossible" for the first version into "virtually everywhere" for this version. This resets the condition of dead into "alive and kicking".

Think of the fact that a temporary FMP can take place for a period even in a parking place, a camping place, a nowhere land and many other places but, of course, not everywhere. That is why the residential place, transit place, production place, energy place etc, as they were defined in the first obsolete version, are disappearing completely in the new version 2.0. They are not any more needed. Anybody can take, at a specific time, any of each of those functions or more at the same time, according to each one´s possibilities. The important is that when a FMP is set for a specific purpose, everything needed is available and in place for the Solution to be provided.

But what happened with the old static structure?
- Residential place - variable size
- Transit place - variable and inter-changing size with the residential place
- Production place
- Energy place
- Data center
- Food processing, goods distribution and cantine.
Well... each Participant takes into account all aspects by itself. Of course it would be easier and wiser if those sectors would be set in place but due to the "total mobility" factor they are not needed any more in that static manner. When people gather somewhere in a FMP they can set in the moment what they really need. For some specific works they might not even need food. Or they would need food for, say, two weeks and they will organize themselves accordingly. Those present there can establish by common agreement what kind or how much of production, energy, data processing or food they need. They can announce all their Necessities in the NTP tool app. People having those skills will respond or could be directly contacted if they are already announced as Individual Resources that match the needs of that FMP.

Using the sharing Necessities and Resources through Nova Terra Project application, those FMPs can be set almost everywhere, any time. Just announce one of your Necessities on NTP listings and specify your GPS location or other means to be contacted, including the internal Short Messaging System of NTP and hopefully soon there will be people ready to gather somewhere nearby in a Free Migration Place configuration to bring Solution to your Necessity. If you only see that there are yet "too few" Participants, is maybe just because you didn´t do your step for that to make it happen. An abundant rain starts with only one drop. Make your move and see what happens. We never know. For sure there are already plenty of people doing exactly this and never heard of NTP-FMP project. Just let them know and help everybody to grow the New Paradigm.

So, in just a few words, there is no more static infrastructure of FMPs in this version.

Functionality inside a Free Migration Place 

The main objective and purpose of Free Migration Place inside Nova Terra Project concept shell is maintained and that is to create, at first, small useful communities of alike minded people and with time, while we help each other build our FMP-dots, to build bigger and bigger communities that will eventually become stable and form the New Paradigm. It is also one of the main ideas that "we all need transportation, mobility and communications on the planet". For any "being of action" this is a project that provides a way for anybody to implement wherever it is considered as appropriate or needed.

The lack of means for people to fast accommodate in any region of the globe where their services and skills might be useful, even if only for a period, is one of the issues that this project addresses in a very free will manner. We have been "educated", but in fact indoctrinated, to sit and get roots in a static place. To have or build a home, have a family and stay there and totally submit to the local authorities and their financial tricks to keep us trapped. Things changed a lot lately. Have you noticed? Why not starting to think "mobile"? Really mobile! Like going almost anywhere, any time, as much as you NEED to.

Think at the fact that FMPs can very easy become conference nodes to interchange and freely share knowledge or can be used for re-qualification purposes and even education of any type. Yes, of course, healing points also. Virtually anything can take place in a FMP according to the free will of Participants to share their Necessities and Resources once the concept is understood and set into motion in your life. Only imagination is the limit.

If in the first obsolete version it was defined a functionality structure because of the static land feature. In the new version, being given the quality of "total mobility", everybody can have all or only a part of the factors needed to be shared in that FMP they reside for an undetermined period of time.

So how could you start to become a Participant? The easiest way is to look and analyse what you already have around and think how can you transform it without additional investment, or the minimum possible, to adapt it for this project. Think of what goods you can transport, if you can live in it or not, if you can ware tools or devices for a specific workshop, lab, facility, communications, education, whatever crosses your mind that you would do it with happiness and freely share your skills with people that love to do exactly the same for everybody in that small community in a FMP.

The architect that brought the solution with "something on wheels" actually suggested a bus!!! Yes, there are plenty of options there and some quite cheap and ready to be adapted to whatever one has abilities to perform. But a bus is still close around the dimensions of a maritime container. While it has the advantage of being on wheels, it still sucks many litres of fuel to move it and is a must to homologate it for destination change from people transport into whatever else. While a bus provides lots of volume to work within, it is difficult and costly to move. Yet a solution to consider. Also consider that a bus is not easily manoeuvrable in the middle of a city and the same goes for difficult terrain situations.

After scaling down the concept for the optimal solution, a van or a combination of a car or a van with a trailer is much more suitable and affordable for many more people and it does provide the best transportation volume and mobility factors together. Such a configuration can be set in different manners of temporary living and workshop of whatever skills the owner have to share. But everyone is free to choose according to own possibilities. The balance resides between - the bigger: greater volume to move but more expensive and less mobility and - the smaller: more mobility and less fuel expenses but less volume for stuff and other personal comfort or useful facilities.

Once you are ready to hit the road, announce yourself as an Available Resource on NTP application tool. If you need help to start transforming your available vehicle to adapt it for FMP, just announce yourself with an Individual Necessity on NTP tool and let know the people that already did this step to come and help you or maybe you will need to go to another place to have that transformation done. Just one essential advice: keep things as simple as possible. Think minimal, and adapt your visions to what you really have. It is impossible to have a comfortable home in a small car. But if you are creative and envision yourself in action, doing what you would like to do, you will surely find out how you can adapt what you have and maybe you would need an extra tent to deploy your workshop, maybe just a foldable roof, or a canopy or maybe an extra small trailer or a big one.

How nice is that? Well... there is still a problem... there is no politics, no police, no legal courts, no bankers, no taxes, no religion, no obligation to go to work... Do you think you can handle this situation? Each one of the beings are all of that at once for themselves. This is called "self responsibility and the awareness of the common good of all, including yourself". Can you handle this situation? That means you can act in total sovereign free will but you could sometimes forget that everybody else has the same free sovereign will as you. Can you handle this situation of total real freedom that you never had before? Even after a few beers? Even after a few more? Good then, get your hands on work.

It is supposed you are already familiarised with the principles and functionality of the NOVA TERRA Project to go on further. When a Participant arrives in a Free Migration Place, can share different levels of participation. Can be a Participant that is offering own personal skills and have no tools. Can be a Participant that provides extra room for sleeping and a fully equipped workshop. All situations have one aspect in common and that is prior to get there, a Participant looked in the NTP directory for specific Necessities or Resources and given the match as an Individual Resource or Individual Necessity finds its own place in that FMP. In any situation, it is understood that ANY Participant has at least one "something" to share for that community in that FMP that is needed. Put it in a few words, everything begins with sharing "something" useful. The most common "something" is food, but can be a tool or an extra living space in nice and acceptable conditions, a motor, a vertical wind turbine, could be even a bag of sand. Just free your mind and you will find tons of other "things" to be shared. Of course, this includes your personal skills.

Through the NTP tool, any Participant is aware in any moment of what is going on in there, in terms of Necessities, Available Resources, Solutions and Projects. A FMP can be brought to life only for three hours when an artist is willing to freely give a live performance in some place or somebody is willing to publicly share some knowledge in a conference that could be taped or live broadcast. Then think of what it would be needed for that event to take place. Only for this and there would be a good amount of Necessities like power, drinking water, shelter, seats, sound equipment, transportation etc.

Virtually everything can motivate the forming of a FMP. But don´t just stop at this level. Set your mind free and use your imagination. You could think also at a medical analysis laboratory facility that you have set in a vehicle or a full spectrum analyser lab. Only the imagination is the limit. The main thing now is to think for yourself where your place could be in all this. If you don´t find one maybe it´s not your time for this... just yet.

There would not be much to add to how a FMP works in this new version. Only the imagination is the limit and everything begins with a simple sharing of a Resource and/or Necessity on NTP app. This new version was drastically simplified to be even more easily understood and so it can be applied on a much broader scale around the planet. You could still read the obsolete version here if you didn´t do it yet, just to notice the big difference. Enjoy being a Participant on Nova Terra project.

The new term of "FMP dot" must be explained here too. If somebody is asked "what´s the difference between point and dot?" most probably the answer would be "none". There are languages that don´t even have different words for them. In English we can make the difference and that is why the project had to change in the name the word "point" into "place" to avoid misunderstandings and better define the gathering point as "place" or a FMP and inside that place are the Participants with their vehicles that we call "dots" ;) Is enough if we know this. It doesn´t matter if others know it. For us, the Participants on NTP-FMP it matters.

If one is a Participant on NTP-FMP it is a good idea to put a sticker on the vehicle you move with, to be able to recognise each other. A mirror sticker on the driver side and one in the back in diagonal, small and discrete, is enough for this purpose, to let others like you know you are free will Participant in this global project - Free Migration Place.


We start small and we grow slowly but surely.
Love and Light for all Beings.


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