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Here we go more deep into details of how people are acting in Nova Terra Society. The action is mainly in two stages and those two stages are 1. Internet interaction as exchanging all type of information and the other one is 2. really going to action in real life as in "making the real move" and actually do it.

At first contact with Nova Terra Project things might look a bit fuzzy about how they are interrelated but here it goes. There are two main criteria upon which somebody can do a further search, declaring and/or interacting with everything and those criteria are Chambers and Zones.

When searching or declaring a Product you can interact with both. When declaring own profile as a Participant you interact only with Zone as where are you located at some moment.

A first action can be Searching and knowing what type of information is present. You can search something at a planetary level. That means leave Zone unselected. Or you can search something at a continental level, that means select continent and leave country unselected. Further your search depends on your Chamber selection and so on.

Let's suppose you decide to become a Participant and, for example, you have a need that is called a Necessity. In order to be able to announce a new Necessity you need first to become a Participant so go through the subscribing process.

As a Participant you start from the smallest geographical level: your profile locality. The badge reflects this as you are an Observer on your Locality (as Zone). This is so under a basic logic. First you observe and then take action where needed. In Nova Terra Project things are starting from the person and not from the top. The system where things are dictated from top to bottom is the one we need to replace it.
Once you are a Participant, from this moment on only your imagination, intentions and actions are the limit. You can first start by first announcing a new Necessity. We, humans, are "producing" in every moment, all around the planet, Necessities, Resources and Solutions. All these, in Nova Terra Society, are called Products we produce. So a Participant, when in need of something, can announce a new Product called Necessity. Yes, in deed, a Necessity is also a Resource Request but is called Necessity to be known it comes from people. Request for Resources (Products also) can be made only by Candidates when offering a solution to a Necessity.

But let's go back to your Necessity. You declared a new Individual Necessity. From this point on all type of interactions can further occur. For example another Participant has the expertise to provide a Solution. This can be a one to one interaction. A Solution is another type of Product. A Solution is created by that Participant and offered in relation to your Necessity. Further on, this new relation creates the possibility to Vote if a Participant declared a Zone Necessity (collective). First a minimum number from the same highest Zone of the declaration must vote as for this Zone Necessity to become valid. And somebody then will offer a Solution related to this Necessity. Then, Participants will vote for Solutions. In just a few words this is how Nova Terra Project works.

Once somebody proposes a Solution related to a Necessity it will have the Quality of Candidate. (Please read "NOVA TERRA Project - Candidate or Representative") If a Solution is accepted inside the Approval Period (Voted by people) than that Solution is transformed into a Project and the Participant that proposed that Solution becomes a Representative managing that Project.

There are other types of interactions in NTP like those where people can contact themselves directly through internal messaging system and exchange useful information. The main principle here is the total transparency and everybody is brother and sister with everybody, as we are all looking to accomplish the same goal, a free society living on behalf of the people. Who ever doesn´t understand nor vibrate to this, most probably will not be interested to be a Participant in the Nova Terra new society.

A Participant can also create Available Resources. This is as important as all other actions. To announce an available Resource you have a few options because a new announced available Resource can be either Human Resource (individual or team) or Terra Resource (raw material, processed material or asset).

So, a Human Resource can be Individual or Team. A Participant can announce himself as an Available Human Individual Resource. A Participant can also announce an Available Human Team Resource. This aspect is good to form specific teams for specific Resources Requests made by Candidates or Representatives to be created for a specific Solution. This Human Team Resource can be useful also for small companies to announce themselves as an available Resource. This action basically needs a Curriculum Vitae for Individual, or more for a Team. And so you can see how Nova Terra already serves the purpose of job offering, seeking and interchanging freely and even at an international level.

When a Human Team Resource is announced as available by a Participant, the announcer is called Resource´s Creator. This Resource then passes through an Approval Period in which all members referred into that team need to publicly express their Votes to agree with the forming of it. Only when this type of resource is passing the Approval Period can be considered as an existing Available Human Team Resource and further be used in Solutions or Projects.

Many people already have a Site or a Blog and sometimes the space for description when submitting a new Product becomes short. So feel free to use linking inside the description and relate to external sites or blogs. Many of those blogs are informational type blogs covering a specific Zone and can be fitted to a specific Chamber inside Nova Terra Project. Once you are a Participant you have a Badge of your own but you can create another badge for the specific Zone addressing the information of you site and blog and place it there on your site or blog. This way every people around the world that are aware of, or Participants in Nova Terra Project will precisely know what type of information is in there, no matter the language they speak.

So let´s say you are informing about Technology in United States, California. You create an available Resource under the Zone AMN-United States-California and Chamber #51. This way you will inform everybody in a blink of an eye, with a simple Badge, about the content that can be found there. This Badge is not the same with the one on your Authorization Card as that one reflects a momentary status that is the action taken at the highest geographical level and/or your direct involvement into a Project as a Representative. (Please read "NOVA TERRA Project - Candidate or Representative").

This type of Resource (Reporting under a Chamber or none) is one that normally is not much taken into account for a Solution or Project but even so, you never know. So this Product is like a presentation of your Reporter contribution to the world. With the Authorization Card supported by this available Resource that you declare you have the Quality of "Observer" (Reporter) and this gives you "Transparency Rights" to freely interact with other Nova Terra Project Participants, even with anybody else when this project have enough momentum. Care here!!! This doesn´t mean that anybody has any obligation to accept your actions! Anything you do it´s under your solely Free Will Responsibility and the others have same rights as yours.

On the other hand, the Authorization Card is only valid if shown together with some valid ID document and must be reflected on the Members section of the site with your picture and your NTP ID in conformity. Any NTP Participant can have the quality of Observer at the highest geographical Zone level is involved. Everything starts from root grass and goes up as high as your Actions go.

In case you decide to announce an Available Reporting Resource you might want to know that "politics" is not covered in Nova Terra Project. You can try to find a suitable Chamber for this or you can leave Chamber unselected and so let people know you are Reporting about anything (including politics). Fact is in Nova Terra Society there is no need for intruders by force and deception in our lives, to tell us how to do things when in fact they do their own stuff under a protected official brand called political party. What we need is transparence and free interaction between available Resources. Period.

But yes, a recommended type of Necessity for everybody to start with might be under Chamber #445 wherever you are. Just say what you need when you announce a new Necessity and see who is willing to provide some valid Solutions to make a Project from your Necessity. When finished, this Project can be requested by other Zones Participants to bring it in their city (or whatever location as Zone). This might be the first way of interaction at a global level that can start big a Nova Terra Society. Don´t underestimate other types of Necessities like green energy projects or artistic ones. Maybe flash-mobs also?

Another type of action is the Voting Process, present in many situations. The most complicated one is the Voting Process for a Solution Approval. In short words, many Solutions are provided by many Candidates related to a Necessity. Those Solutions can share in their description common available Resources in a specific Zone. All participants related to the smallest Zone level declared in that Necessity can vote for Solutions. The Voting process always has a specific Approval Period of time. Inside this time frame is decided by the people what it will be done. Depending on the final result one Solution will be accepted and transformed into a Project or none! And the process will need to start all over again from the announcement of the Necessity.

For more detailed explanation about Voting Process please read "Nova Terra Project - Voting Process".

All in all it becomes clearer that this type of interactions is the normal way of doing things between us - the people. No limitations, no false scarcity, no programmed obsolete no bad work for having more clients, no middle quality for wasting Terra Resources and nothink like this. This whole interaction is a self adjusting process with ups and downs but only depending on Resources and Resources as they-we are available or not but everything for our own good and free progress.

Remember that Nova Terra Project never assumes it´s a perfect and viable solution but it´s possible to be the way to be. It´s a work in progress and it needs all times and in every moment the input and the feedback form Participants. Why? As simple as this: to improve it and make it work for our good living benefit.


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