NOVA TERRA Project - General Overview

NOVA TERRA Project can be implemented in any region, any time, even starting from today. It is a research project to present a way of action for you and for the people and give everyone a clearly defined place inside the New Society or the New Paradigm, in this case called "NOVA TERRA Project". It is a way of real action so you can test it for yourself, apply it and develop it at your will and own need.

The new society of NOVA TERRA Project is a Resource based society, with a structure and functionality designed to work this way everywhere on this planet. The concept of a Resource based economy is not new and is widely supported by many other projects and that is why this project is very in tune with Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movement, Ubuntu Movement, Prepare for Change, Gaia Confederation, Galactic Historian, New Earth Project and many others that are working independently but in a joined peaceful effort to transform the existent society paradigm into a New Paradigm - full of abundance and prosperity FOR YOU and All The People.

The standing particularity of "NOVA TERRA Project" comes with the missing piece of the puzzle, a complete structure and functionality, which can provide ways of interactions between people as a global scale free society. The real power belongs to and is at the individual - the Participant - the only one that actually performs the action in everything. The full concept is presented in more details in the following explanatory texts but the web app is yet under development. The full concept of NOVA TERRA Project includes any kind of activity, any zone, any job, any person, including you and your skills.

If you already got it you know that the Change will be done. There is no sure date but this uncertainty is due to our lack of possibilities to clearly and undoubtedly foresee the future and because after all it only depends on what WE DO without - depending on or waiting for - somebody else to do it for you. So what is the problem with us? Simply said, we cannot see clearly yet the details of "how", "what" and "where" it is the Change or "where is my place in this society and what am I doing there?". The transition process is hard to be put into motion. Each person is needed to collaborate. The transition is pretty much everything but not 100% because we rebuild, we transform or we repurpose what is already useful. There is no need to destroy everything and completely rebuild from scratch. In the same idea we recover, we heal and live the change on the New Society of Nova Terra. There is no need for generations to die and be born for this change in paradigm to take place. With this said you just learned about two more of the basic concepts of NOVA TERRA Project.

With the known and understood overall picture it is easy for everybody to self accommodate in the Nova Terra Society. Without having this whole picture, we search, quest, argue, look into the unknown and dig deep to find those "how", "what" and "where" of an undefined future. This project brings description, functionality and clarity in the big picture of defined structure and organization for the New Society - NOVA TERRA Project - exactly as if it was already running. There is one big advantage of this concept and that is that it can be implemented in parallel with what already exists so no worry for how it looks the actual paradigm. Let it be. We can just move on further and build our own new and free living paradigm with the real power to the individual, to you and to each living being to decide for the action, for the approval of things. This is what we all really need - to be able to decide for our own life and for what is done with all natural resources that belong to all people around the planet. And this is another basic concept of NOVA TERRA Project - the real power of decision is at the individual level in a totally and openly free collaboration between individuals.

Take your time to study it because it was hardly worked to be as simply as possible but it´s a new concept in many aspects so it might not be so easy to digest and to raise the frequency around it. When you understood the simplicity of it and if you vibrate with this concept, next you can instantly participate and make it happen in your Zone! Of course there is no rush. Everything at the right time. In case you are a web developer you can use any domain and it will be created a sub-domain like "nova-terra.org/mycountry/myregion/mycity" to be redirected to your site. If any doubt arrise don´t hesitate to first contact Nova-Terra.org and ask questions.


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