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Basic chapters:
NOVA TERRA Project - General Overview
NOVA TERRA Project - Simple formulas and principles
NOVA TERRA Project - How it works
NOVA TERRA Project - Financial Explanations
NOVA TERRA Project - Functionality

In this article:
Before to become a Participant you are a Guest. Welcome!
Become a Participant
First actions as a Participant

Before to become a Participant you are a Guest. Welcome! 

Before to become a Participant in NOVA TERRA Project you can freely navigate around the site as a guest. Using the top menu you can ask for selected lists to visualize what others Participants already took as their actions inside this project.
On the right side you have the filter for Chambers and Zones. You can use this filter to filter down your lists according to selected Zone and/or Chamber.

Become a Participant 

The first thing to do when you decided you will become a Participant in NOVA TERRA Project is to Affiliate yourself (register or sign in). This is a very simple two steps process.

1. On "My Nova Terra" you have a form called "Affiliate - new Participant" and in there you need to input your personal email address and a password of your choice and then click "Send".
2. You will receive a message in your email with an activation code. Simply by clicking on that link you activate your account and you are ready to Participate.

First actions as a Participant 

In case you landed directly on this page for the first time it is recommended to read the basic chapters presented on top of it. 

As a Participant there are different levels of complexity of interaction but before to get involved in complex Solution/Project situations you can simply Announce your Products for the New Society of Nova Terra Project.

The simplest announcements you can do is to Announce your Necessities and/or your Available Resources (except Human Team). This is the simplest level of interaction.

At this level you are also able to Vote for Zone Necessities of other Participants and Announce your own. For more detailed information about Voting you can read NTP - Voting process.

Also at this first level of interaction you can create a Nova Terra Badge to place it on your blog or site, to let everybody know in a blink of an eye what kind of information they can find according to your own Zone/Chamber classification.

Just as a hint, keep it simple at the beginning until you get the grasp of the whole picture.

 This button allows you to add a new Product of NTP or in other words to Announce something new to others, either is a Necessity or an Available Resource.
 This button allows you to list your own already made announcements.
The Human Team is already a more complex level of interaction because it involves many Participants. And each one of them, in the case of a Human Team, are directly involved.

To this second level of complexity (let's call it this way) are belonging also the creation of Solutions. And this is when you become a Candidate and you are involving multiple Available Resources. For more detailed information about this you can read NTP - Functionality and NTP - Candidate or Representative.


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